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University Master's degree in Police Sciences

The  University Master's degree in Police Sciences provides training for professionals in the methods and techniques used in police research, giving them an official qualification accrediting them before the Courts of Justice. It is aimed at all those interested in forensic science and at members of the State Security Forces.
It is a pioneering Master's degree in this field, which is backed by the Ministry of the Interior and the University of Alcalá, as well as the Academic Professionalization Committee (APC) of the Latin American Academy of Criminology and Forensic Studies (LAACFS).

The Master's degree in Police Sciences is 1 year long (60 ECTS credits) and consists of two modules and a master's degree final project.

  • GENERAL MODULE (Compulsory): First four-month period (24 ECTS credits), which consists of two subjects:
    • Legal Foundations (12 ECTS credits): Substantive Criminal Law, Procedural Criminal Law, Criminology, Forensic Ethics.
    • Foundations of Forensic Investigation (12 ECTS credits): Historical development, organization and methodology. Police science in the international sphere. Visual inspection and the chain of custody. Police investigation in the laboratory. Forensic reports and the oral hearing.
  • SPECIALIZED MODULES: Second semester (24 ECTS credits) The student selects one of the following specialized subjects, which will be taught entirely in the laboratories of the General Forensic Science Office (GFSO) in the Civil Guard Forensic Service (SECRIM) or the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences (NITFS):
    • Forensic Acoustics
    • Forensic anthropology
    • Ballistics and instrumental traces
    • Document analysis and graphistics
    • Computer and Electronics Forensics
    • Forensic genetics
    • Forensic imaging and computer graphics
    • Lophoscopy
    • Forensic chemistry
    • Master's degree final project (12 ECTS credits). Supervised by two Master's degree lecturers, one from the UAH and the other from the GFSO, the SECRIM or the NITFS.

University Master's degree in Police Sciences Leaflet

Master Degree Work

Below, in this PDF, are the titles of the works of End of Master (TFM) that have done those enrolled in the 2015/2016 promotion

Master's Thesis's Titles, course 2015/2016

Master's Dregree work done by Dr. José Carlos Beltrán Martín

Missing people and cadavers: evaluation and crime analysis done by Dr. José Carlos Beltrán Martín