Since its inception, the IUICP has engaged in a wide range of activities, all of which are related to the Institute's objectives.
The IUICP holds an annual conference, entitled the "IUICP Researchers Meeting," which aims to bring together its research groups to present the progress they have made on their projects, discuss their results and propose future areas of action.
In addition, a series of seminars and specialized courses in some of the forensic areas are organized each year, in order to update the knowledge of the forensic professionals at the General Forensic Science Office and the Civil Guard Forensic Service. These courses are open to other professionals from related institutions, such as the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences, university lecturers, etc.
The "Science and Police" summer course has become a tradition at the Institute. This course aims to raise the profile of the work done by the Forensic Police among a broader sector of the population, and it is the focus of a great deal of interest among university students of both the sciences and humanities. Moreover, new summer course has been available since 2012, on “Solving Chemical/Forensic Problems”.